Right now I’m not looking to do more series. Check back here if you want to see if I’m open to a new series. If you are really eager for me to illustrate your series, feel free to contact me.

Neon Glow

Neon Glow is a personal web series about Jake and Zedof hunting radioactive ghost/zombie animals. The series is action/romance. Right now the series is being reworked. Please follow it on Twitter for updates. You can support the comic on Patreon.

Jared Riley

This gag-a-day style comic series is about funnies at the office! Check it out on Twitter, Instagram, or Webtoons!

Under the Moonlight

Webcomic is about a fantasy romance! Check it out on Webtoons!

Irrational Machines

Action webcomic with people with mechanical powers and military combat. Currently only available here!

Stuck at the Drive Though

Taking the Wierd Al song and converting it into a one off comic.