Quick Jump: Plush ReffsMerfolk Plush

Plush Commission Status: OPEN!
(I take about 3 orders at a time)

Contact me at any of these places:
Discord (KristKC#3118), Telegram (KristKC), or E-mail (kc@kristkc.com)
I prefer to use these for easy communication and updates

How I work:
1. We’ll go over a plush reference sheet (you may order one of these before ordering the plush commission)
2. I’ll give you at least a week to look over the reference sheet for any changes. After we start the plush, it will be hard to change it later. (I might charge extra for tweaks if I’ve started the plush)
3. After approval you can make a down payment to cover materials or full price.
4. I’ll work on the plush in line with my commission’s list. Plush might take a week to 3 weeks to make depending on complexity.
5. Once the plush is done. I’ll let you know how much shipping is. Plush will only be sent out if I have full payment.

– I have the right to refuse to work on a plush commission.
– I do not do NSFW or fetish plushies. I can work from NSFW references.
– Only after a reference sheet is made I can give a better quote. Pre-quotes are not final.
– I do not do rush orders or will be rushed. If you pester me I might cancel.
– I have pet cats, I can work in a separate room. Please let me know. I also don’t smoke so no stinky plush.
I take USD$ by Paypal or from Credit Card (using PayPal).
I can take a payment plan but prefer to have the price in full.
⚠️Please make sure you are SERIOUS about ordering. If you cancel on me I will only refund for work I’ve not done and may not want to work with you again. I will not send a plush out if I don’t have the full payment, including shipping.
Turnaround Time
All orders will be added to my commission list. You will wait in line with my other art commissions. You will get a reference sheet. I’ll wait for at least one week to make sure you are satisfied with the reference sheet. After that, the plush will take 1 to 3 weeks to complete. I’ll give you updates as I work. (I am eager to show stuff off. lol)
In case of Minky supply issues, I’ll only ask for payment if I know I can order all of the materials. If I can’t get the Minky at that time, the order will be on hold till places have it back in stalk.

Materials Used
Minky cuddle fabric. (Super-soft)
Embroidery thread for applique.
Upholstery thread for sewing things together.
Polyester Fiberfill.

Plush Referecnes

Plush Reff =$40 – $80 (depending on complexity)

You may order one of these separate from the plush order, or just for fun.
Colors are based on available Minky fabrics I can find.

Merfolk Plush

Starting Price = $470
Aproxamently 20″ tall
Can be altered to be mer-furry.