Update: Right now I’m waiting to move into a new place where I have more space to work on a full suit. I plan to then finish Komory bat (yellow one below).

My goal with fursuits is to make nice quality work along with making the fursuit comfortable for the owner. I’m focusing on making them lightweight, with wide vision, and breathable.

If you are looking to order one, you should follow me on FurAffinity, DeviantArt, Twitter, and/or Instagram. I’ll announce an opening. I’ll have a Google form to fill out and I’ll be picking them one at a time.

  • Expected time?
    I do not like to work under a time limit. Right now my main focus is on art and only spending one day of the week on suits. If commissions dry up, I’ll work on suits till I get more art orders.
  • Shipping or Con Pickup?
    I only ship to the US. Shipping outside the US is SUPPER expensive, risky, and scary. I might do a con pick up, but only to conventions I can afford to go to.
  • What materials do you use?
    Mosty Luxury Fuax Fur and Minky. Might use other materials if I see fit. I’m not making suits out of other materials at the moment.
  • NSFW or fetish suits?
    No sorry. I want to make suits for people to use in public, furmeets, and /or conventions.