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Currently not taking any more commissions on fursuits at this time. Watch me on Furaffinity or Twitter for openings.

LunarisTheDragonDiscord Head – Building
Feet –
Next Payment
Hands –
Tail –
Next Payment
Arm Sleeves –
Leg Sleeves –
ArtofdrothDiscordFirst Payment
Head –
Second payment
Hands –
Tail –


I work on comics once a month. I am not currently looking to work on another comic series.

Name: Where:Status
Irrational Machines
Read it here!
FurAffinityPage 14 – Sketched
Under the Moonlight
Read it here!
DiscordPage 13 – pending

Art Commissions

Slots are unlimited. I usually work on 2-4 a week.
If you don’t see your commission order here, please do let me know and I’ll fix it right away.
You are free to cancel anytime before the first sketch.