How I work!

  1. Contact me with your info.
  2. Wait till I send you a sketch.
  3. Approve and pay for art.
  4. Once paid, I’ll work on the art. Art is posted unless asked otherwise.


  • I can post my art to promote my work. If you don’t want me to post it, let me know ahead.
  • You get three (3) rounds of tweaks. Give them all at once instead of one after another. Doing them one at a time takes longer and stresses me out.
  • You are free to post the art wherever you like, just credit/link back to me!
  • I’m not responsible for keeping the art if you lose it. I tend to keep files for about a year.
  • I have the right to decline any order I don’t feel right making.
  • Artworks with multiple characters. I’ll need to know if you own the characters or if the other people are ok with being in the art. I may ask the character’s owner or investigate to see if you own the characters if I suspect false usage.

DOs & DON’Ts

💖 Would love to draw:
Guys, Kingdom Hearts, Final Fantasy, Genshin Impact, Pokemon, Legend of Zelda, raves, neon or rainbow colors, boys love, mermen, aquatic creatures, dragons, birds, guys, Kingdom Hearts, more Genshin

Can draw:
Humans, furries, animals, fantasy creatures, LGBTQ+, fan art, all kinds of body shapes/sizes, NSFW, robotic/mech, armor, most things.

❔ Might draw:
Blood – I can draw blood but nothing over the top and no guts.
Babies/kids – No fetish side.
Tickle – No fetish side.
Fat – I can draw heavy people, not to the point where they look blobby.
Bondage/tied up – I don’t want them to look sad or tortured.

Will Not Draw:
Shota, diapers, LittleFurs, pedophilia, bestiality, inflation, domination, torture, kidnap, vore, body waste, drugs, hate art

– Please do not ask why I don’t draw ___ thing. I just don’t want to.
– If you ask and I say no, I won’t think poorly about you. I don’t judge people on kinks.